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December 23rd, 2012, 03:47
Originally Posted by xSamhainx View Post
Well that was one long, and well-thought out post. It got a little chaotic and incoherant there at the end tho.

That said, I disagree with the entire thing. Except for the part about the 6 warhammers, I agree that the concept of carrying around a small warehouse of inventory in your pockets is ridiculous. However, i find that in practice when do I encounter a game that limits my inventory to a very small and "realistic" amount, I end up hating it way more.
I enjoy some realism … I have a lot of mods for Skyrim to increase graphic, sound, and immersive realism. However some of them I got rid of even though I thought they were cool.

One was "realistic" lighting. Being in a cave when its really dark was spooky and far more realistic than tons of bright light. However after just an hour the novelty wore of and I was just becoming increasingly frustrated getting lost and trying to get around. For me the realism wasn't much fun. Luckily I found a compromise one that let me pick the brightness so I went with something more realistic that also didn't get me frustrated.

Inventory is the same way. Hate how stupid it is to have 10 pairs of full elven armor in my … backpack? which is where? But fun wise only being able to loot what you might fit in a real backpack or sack … for me that just doesn't bring any real extra fun to the game.

Everyone has their balance point between wanting realism versus what gets them frustrated. One reason I love PC games that you can mod - everyone can fine tune things to the way they like it.
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