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December 23rd, 2012, 07:57
Ahh, nice to see another thread of this kind.

After getting distracted away from playing Risen 2 back in June some 15 hours in, I've finally returned to it over the past few days and have had a frollickingly good time in completing it. I had a batch of leftover incomplete quests which I'll no doubt get to in the second playthrough.

Stats: Inquisition path, Hard Difficulty.
DLC: Temple of Air and Treasure Island installed.

Time: Steam - 50 hours.
In game: 47 hours. (It took me 66 hours with the first Risen)

Blades: 10
Firearms: 6
Toughness: 8
Cunning: 8
Voodoo: 1

Glory Left: 10444

Some final thoughts:
I generally prefer the first game, but Risen 2 is still a fantastic experience once you get over the significant differences in the combat engine. The other unique theme which sets it apart is the wonderfully jolly humour. It's bawdy, it's vulgar, it's crude and it knows it. The character design was also quite enjoyable to fiddle around with. I also had much more difficulty with the Kraken than I did with the final boss encounter!
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