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December 23rd, 2012, 13:18
Thanks for the comments, Lurking Grue.

You're right about the UI naturally. It's a minor quibble all things considered and is something I got used to. Another thing I didn't comment on was the music -
I actually really like the small selection of midi loops which play in the game, even after hearing them so many times. Strange eh? As a result, I certainly won't be able to forget the battle music theme.

Now that I have some holiday time, I may actually get to continue my old Champions of Krynn playthrough…we'll see though, as I still have a major backlog of stuff to play!
With Risen 2 also completed recently, methinks it's time to investigate and gather some personal feedback on the whole Dark Souls phenomenon.

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The purchase and installation was a smooth, painless process.
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