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December 23rd, 2012, 14:59
Next gen consoles should appear in 2014.
But Moriendor is correct - everyone is "saving" their flagship for that moment.

In a way it's not bad, as it will mean that ports to PC won't look and feel like crap. On the other hand, it's not good as we'll see only some rare titles released in the meantime, and only if they were planned already as a PC release.

There are also a few things that could or simply will happen with consoles.

First is CD/DVD/BR techonology and retail market… Will those nearfuture games be released on optic media or we're moving ono cheap USB flashdrives? It's already happening, an example is compass USB flashdrive with kickstarted Meriweather. Smaller size of USB flashdrive means less size of the retail package and that means - less costs. Classic printed manuals are already removed (or distributed as a PDF file) so no problem there.

Classic DRM that can be avoided (on some consoles) or cracked by other means will perhaps be completely removed in favor of currently popular (among publishers, not among players) always online for singleplayer games which means next gen consoles will probably support everything on internet which then means "facebooking" and crappy Zynga games plus smartphone junk are coming also to consoles. Is that bad? Actually, it's not. Once a person get's enough of that crap (gets too old for that shit), he will move to some really good stuff which means buying really good RPGs and keeping devs busy.

Also don't be surprised if the standard feature of consoles is wireless rubber (foldable, yup) bluetooth keyboard with integrated battery. I have one myself (I bought it to be able to drop a huge e-mail if needed on iPhone while not near PC) and it works with just about anything. All you need on that "anything" is integrated bluetooth or USB port where you'll plug an USBkey with bluetooth. And the most important thing about this gadget is that it's - cheap. If you want I can post a few shots of the one I use. Which means that insisting on gamepad/joystick interface in just every console game will become unnecessary.

The price of SSD was ment to drop 6 months ago, but it didn't happen. However it simply has to happen in next 12 months, and a console without SSD shouldn't be possible. What does this mean? That the rudimentary gamesave systems on consoles will evolve into a decent savegame systems that are not restricted with maximum filesize.

In any case, being patient next year and waiting for 2014 releases should be fruitful in the end. If we want only quality stuff and not clones of a bad game.
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