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December 23rd, 2012, 16:06
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Well, I enjoy your pics and stories, so keep them coming .
Thanks! I really enjoy making back stories and sinnking into a character. I only wish I had time to write all the things I create. Some of my best characters have been made while on long walks with my dogs in the woods. Its the best time to create fantasy characters.

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No chance of listing mods you are using?

Could use some input

I recently started to play skyrim with GEMS but um unimpressed by the visuals.

(and i kind of gravitate towards thief/ranger (bard) every frigging time)

I attached two images from NMM. I also have two manually installed not on the screenshot. One is better males and the other is a 1st Person Camera Height Change. Once I found out I could change the scale of my characters I was all over making a big Orc. For anyone who has read the "Oath of Swords" series (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oath_of_Swords) by David Webber than you are familiar with Bahzell Bahnakson, who is one of the giant sized hradani race with a beserk rage. I modelled Varg a little off him as he is a giant Orc with the rage ability and also a Paladin, although he follows the God Arkay… Anyhow scale doesn't change in 1st person so I found a mod that works to bring the third and first person scale into better agreement.

I found many of these from GEM. A few I found from searching nexus. The rest I got from STEAM (perhaps 3/5 are from STEAM), I have tried literally dozens of combinations of texture replacements until I found just the right mix I like. I did a little with lighting using ENB but found the complications, problems, and other issues wasn't worth the hassle and gave up on them. To often I would get great results with A only to have B suffer. Then all the tweaking with INI files, issues with SSAO, MSAA, AA … etc. For what I got from it wasn't worth it. Instead I found "Project Reality - Climates of Tamriel" with its own light changes worked best for me.

If you have any questions on what a mod does feel free to ask. Almost all are meant to just make things more real looking along with adding more lore based objects and locations to the game. A few are mainly to remove annoyances (helmet requirements, followers screwing up my stealth, arrows always displaying on my back, etc.) and a couple for followers (I love dogs so making my husky essential was important as I hated watching him die so often).

So below are the mod screenshots and a couple more (Grimwolf at night next to a lantern, that is the Climates of Tamriel night settings - level 3), Varg and Farkas during the day - this one has a realistic feel to it to me, and one of Varg at Fort Dawnguard with Auriels bow.

EDIT: Should note that the HR Texture packs from Bethseda ARE installed … they are not checked as active in NMM as it can cause a conflict with one of the texture mods I use. So you add them to the INI file under the archive section. The conflict isn't big - just won't get the best results visually is all.

EDIT TWO: Some of my favorites are the ones that adjust the guards - gives them custom armor, open helmets, and more dialogue. A real good one is the headtracking - no idea why Bethseda doesn't have that by default. It makes your character track other people they talk to and adds more expressions to their face. Totally makes them seem more real then the stock stiff boards they are by default. Wet and Cold are cool as they add breath in cold areas and water dripping from swimming and rain. It also has some more advanced features but I didn't want to mess with SKE installs so skipped those parts.

Lastly I tried both AFT (Amazing follower tweaks) and UFO and totally prefer UFO. The main issue with AFT is the out of character/game text it adds to the games. Shouts are called "Tweak Commands" … man but it irked me every time I saw it. UFO has more realistic titles and seems better integrated IMO.
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