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December 23rd, 2012, 18:05
Some more KotC fans (and potential ones too!) coming out of the proverbial woodwork I see. Excellent!

What party configurations did you go for, Carnifex? I'm really curious as to what the gameplay balance is like with different class/party makeups.

The crafting feats I found in particular (wand, wondrous item, forge item and armour) really made the difference in some of the key tough fights. I'm not sure what I would have done without a wand of fireball or ice storm at times!

Four clerics would possibly get a little tedious mind you with the lengthy fights, but maybe one knight and three mages is possible with lots of resting.

@Pongo. Check out the demo and see if you like it. I played it some 4-5 months before buying the full game. Judging by your avatar pic, you're also a C64 fan? Paradroid is a fun little game.
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