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December 23rd, 2012, 19:49
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Well that was one long, and well-thought out post. It got a little chaotic and incoherant there at the end tho.

That said, I disagree with the entire thing. Except for the part about the 6 warhammers, I agree that the concept of carrying around a small warehouse of inventory in your pockets is ridiculous. However, i find that in practice when do I encounter a game that limits my inventory to a very small and "realistic" amount, I end up hating it way more.

More times than not, im out of my head when I post on here, I only hope readers can pick up on my underlying message. But today…oh today, im on fire

Listen, the only reason you hate any other games' rendition of realism is because its half-assed. Limiting your inventory space to a realistic amount is only going to please players if its accompanied with the other proper features, like bags for exmaple? Small bags, big bags, and that, along with your carrying strength, would determine what you can carry. How about one small move to allow players with the intention of treasure hunting to summon a party, WITH the intention of moving loot? I know Skyrim lets you use your one companion as a pack mule, but again, im having to roleplay with that, its not enough. Streamline it, make it a thing, and then twist it and add story elements. What if the crew you hired ends up robbing you dry and leaving you wounded in the cave. Hell, what if the cave caves in? Find another way around, possibly a brand new way, maybe find something much bigger than the treasure you came for.

Excellent perspective Wolfgrim, and it supports my point beautifully: Half-assing realism is making your game more like real life (which isnt always as fun as a videogame), making it harder for the players obviously, but granting no reward for that. What I mean is, if you played a game with realistically dark caves, like you couldnt see sh*t without a torch, but theres no point to that darkness, then it will only frustrate players. However, with the potentially annoying black caves, you riddle them with scary creatures and creepy noises; you give them an scary idea of what could be in that darkness.
Imagine, its a pitch black cave, you light your torch and the first thing you see is a snarling cave troll in your face, or you spot something scurry off into the dark. Add that mystery and all of sudden players arent frustrated anymore, theyre scared, theyre immersed, and theyre as creeped out to go further into that cave just like theyre character would be. Exactly why is because the frustration only comes from the dark getting in the way of what your trying to do, which is probably get to the end of the cave, collect all the items, slay the strongest monster (guarantee he'll be waiting, at the very end) and then rinse and repeat ya know?
But if you get pulled in the right way, your no longer there just for the quest, or for the loot, your there to survive and experience.

But its the same deal with the inventory, I dont want to play a game where I can only hold a few things but it has no offset, no benefit. You make those items worth a lot more, you make them much cooler and unique. Unique to the player AND the world. Its a whole thing about deciding what your going to do, and doing it 100 percent. Not half-assed. Or yes, players dont buy your attempt at realism and bam, your game sucks.

Disagree with the entire thing? Its so like an internet guy to make his point and then trump someones elses in the same breath. If you disagree with the entire thing then tell me, do you disagree with cool ideas? Do you disagree with dynamic features, do you disagree with immersive experiences?
If so, then you sir, are not my target audience.
Its fine though, its probably hard to wrap your head around all that
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