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December 23rd, 2012, 20:20
I think the problem is that there are too few customers to get a AAA game company to make a super hardcore realistic game like this. Conceptually I'm totally in the camp of limiting inventory and bulkiness should count for something but on the other hand it can be a pain when you don't have adequate support infrastructure like say horse inventory so your steed can store the stuff you want to keep. In skyrim I tend to take my 2 daggers and 2 sets of armor (1 for style, 1 for actual use) but have to take a ton of potions which I rationalize as magic aspirin pills and have my horse care the rest (but have to use a horse after all).

The rise of quality cheap game engines like Unity will facilitate Indies to make this kind of game. The next problem being that an open world RPG would be a terrible first game for a new developer to make since scope is too huge. Just look at what what Jay went through with Frayed Knights and that was not trying to be realistic.

I think the beauty of Skyrim is in part the modding system. Don't like the core game well you have some flexibility in making your own realism mod for it that does what you want. Its very limited but compared to writing your own game it is very flexible. I love the Duke Patrick's mod did for combat because it changes combat to be far more realistic and difficult as you cant just strafe and swing what not.
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