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December 24th, 2012, 00:10
Dude, im not here to fight. Ill admit that my posts, despite being an overload of ideas and concepts, come off contradictory and jumbled, but its only because im trying to communicate so much.

And ill tell you, theres always somebody like you who has to defend their point to the death, yet you dont see a single point of mine, you want to focus on everything that's wrong with my post, you jerk. Ill just go ahead and respond to every dumb thing you typed:

You mistook everything I said about exploration, I didnt limit it to finding things, or having grand encounters everywhere you go, thats ridiculous, I would just like if the mundane wasnt so lifeless, thats all.
I understand the concept of looting a dungeon more than you could even know, what I was getting at (and what you missed) is the way that ES lets you loot dungeons. I think its lamely unrealistic and easy.

I honestly dont know where you get this idea that I want awesome items around every corner, thats exactly what I dont want. If youd read with your eyes open, then youd see that my focus is quality BEFORE quantity. The problem with Skyrim is you end up with a warehouse full of random, magic items.

Im sorry but calling the lore top-notch just flushes any potential respect I had for you down the toilet. Have you ever seen, heard or made anything cool? Thats an honest question.

I said nothing about an all human fantasy world. A lot of people like the beast races, thats cool, I never liked them, and thats cool too. When I made my own I decided that orcs and lizards were going to be, ya know, monsters, not playable races. It doesnt mean they dont have their own societies and cultures, and they arent cool as hell. Actually, theyre cool as hell because theyre where they belong.

And yeah, thats real cool to totally deflate my last argument, you know dude, if your having a problem understanding my text, we can work on it, but if your going to be an asshole than we can just leave it at that, and no I have no interest in furthering this argument, go play your lame games.
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