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Default World needs to invest more resources into space exploration

December 24th, 2012, 00:41
Life as we know it on earth will end. This is an inevitable fact.
How it will end, we don't know. Overpopulation, pollution, giant asteroid smashing into earth, nuclear war, melting of the ice caps, sun going supernova, lack of clean drinking water. There are many doomsday scenarios.

The only thing we know for sure is that some form disaster will happen that makes earth inhabitable for human life. Not during our lifetime, not during the lifetime of our children, but some generations down the line.

But this is also one part of the problem. Selfishness and shortsightedness.
Most humans seem to think we have all the time on the world, or that it's not our concern what happens to this planet after we cease to exist. Won't effect me personally, so why should I give a F?
People like this, who sadly appear to be in the majority among the general population, who would rather vote for something that will give them a personal advantage in their lives, in exchange for the potential survival of mankind, giving them no personal gain.
These people are also voters and influence the elected persons in the governments across the globe, concerned about being re-elected more than concerned about the "bigger picture", yet again for personal gain in most cases.

Humankind needs to increase it's efforts to boldly go where no man has gone before. Or someday the grandchildren of our grandchildren could wake up and see it's too little, too late.
Yet, instead of increasing our efforts, countries like the US cut funding of NASA short. Why?
Many reasons, for example because the return the government gets for their investment is not efficient or that there are other, more urgent projects that need the money. But the thing is, there are always projects that need "immediate attention". Yet, we must not let them take our focus from equal - if not more - important long term goals like ensuring the survival of mankind.

The economic situation of the western world will probably not get significantly better anytime soon. Future generations will also probably face the same or at least similar issues. There are always excuses to be found if you look hard enough for them.

But if all future generation think and act like we do now, it will be too late for humankind altogether when the inevitable is about to happen and it wasn't prepared. We need to lay the foundation for increased efforts in space exploration now. We mustn't rely on the next generation, not the one after that. We need to make something happen during our lifetime. In this generation.

To summarize: I personally believe that we need to increase our efforts instead of lowering them. The future of mankind lies in the depths of space. There simply is no alternative.

Or we could roll the dice and let our future be decided by big corporation conglomerates instead of governments.
Hoping that corporate spacefaring and -exploring takes off exploiting potential treasures in the form of resources, possibly even new materials all together.
Let them build habitats and mining colonies in space.

Rely on them to accumulate the needed knowledge and expertise over the decades and centuries to come.

What do you guys think? Total nut job or legitimate concerns?
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