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December 24th, 2012, 00:17
I want to say though, I didnt come here just to rant about Bethesda's games, and im sorry for cluttering the site with nothing but.

And Samhain, ill admit my response to your response was a little standoff-ish, but only because I took what you said, about disagreeing with nearly my entire post, as you writing off any and every one of my ideas, rather than entertaining and respecting them. I take a little blame for that, because of how one-sided my posts seem to be, so as a die-hard fan, of course you would combat me.
But ya know, my posts Are kind of one-sided. I feel strongly about all of this stuff. I guess I see it as Bethesdas' responsibility to make the best game they can, I mean theyre one of the only companies today with the means to make such huge, grand games, I just wish they'd take it in a different direction. I wish their focus was on other elements, or I just wish a different company would rise up, they would likely have a different approach, considering theyd be different people.

I dont know, but from now on ill try and make my posts less one-sided. I have nothing bad to say to any fan of the Elder Scrolls, just that im not a fan, and thats no biggie.
Samhain, if your a cool guy and want to be friends, then we can do so. So long as you take back what you said, knowing now more about my approach lol
You didnt really say anything other than that you disagree and I kind of jumped on you for it so, I can almost understand you assholing out at me, so im sorry.

Happy holidays, I hope everyone has a good one
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