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December 24th, 2012, 05:13
I almost feel like the "difficulty" is a label they don't deserve that's only stuck about because gamers are such whiny little bitches these days. Too much world of warcraft. How is a dark souls boss any harder than a coin-op boss from any game from the 90s?

As challenging as these games are, I'll take any advantage I can. But with more dynamic AI, this type of exploit should be eliminated, and Dark Souls II will only be better for it.
Maybe that should read "harder for it" because these "exploits" are intentional and one of the reasons its not really "random reviewer difficulty adjective" hard.

I mentioned old WoW before and I'd like to draw attention to its "monster max follow distance" system. We've all played wow, right? Fromsoftware guys have probably checked it out in the last 8 years?

In wow the monsters will follow you for x distance then they'll turn invincible, rapidly regen all their life to full and run back to the spawn point. Anti monster "train" systems are in place so people can't pull massive groups onto other players to grief them, etc.

In Dark Souls, however, the "max monster follow distance" appears to be a touchplate trigger on the ground or invisible wall. When they run they do not heal or become invincible! Havel won't leave his tower, near the grass crest shield the silverknight won't enter the tunnel to the drake valley, etc. Almost every monster can be reduced to an easy but time consuming fight dancing around their return trigger. This isn't dumb AI. This is obviously by design and likely part of the "core" game the old director was referring to. You only found this trick because, like the first boss, you ran past and came back later.
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