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December 24th, 2012, 05:46
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I don't mind having to check the internet for various things in a game, but I do have a problem with intense difficulty. At least give us an easy or casual option that can let us play the game without having to worry about dying a million times. Leave a hard and even very hard option for those who want it, but give us an easy mode that is easy to beat.
Dark Souls already has an easy mode.
It's called "paying attention to what you're doing".
There isn't a single part of the game that requires quick reflexes or inhuman reaction times, quite the opposite: the pacing is quite slow and it's more about being careful (or at least learning from your mistakes) than developing some sort of super-skill.

I'm going to state it bluntly: whoever claims that "Dark Souls is too hard/unfair" is just dumb or at least incapable to pay any attention to his playstyle.
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