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December 24th, 2012, 11:27
Originally Posted by Dhruin View Post
Hmmm…I make no claim that it is "unfair" — and I support them maintaining their original vision — but at least a couple of the bosses require quick reflexes as far as I can tell. Even the first one, from what I've played.
Can´t speak for Tuco, but my two cents would be mentioning that there isn´t animation cancellation in this game. The length and nature of pc´s animations depend on weapon/spell types or equipment load and as such this aspect in my book constitutes, besides stats, a major component in the game being an action RPG, not merely an action game.
Being aware of your character´s animation/move set available at a given moment is an important part of overcoming the game´s challenges.

Similarly, the enemies also come with sets of their own "canned" animations and their attacks usually consist of three phases - harmless beginning whose purpose is to inform player about what type of attack is about to happen (sometimes this is not an animation but a sound), the attack itself and a wind up period.
Being aware of enemies´ animation/move sets is another important part of overcoming the game´s challenges.

These two aspects make me agree with the sentiment that paying attention > quick reflexes in this game. Granted, it IS an action RPG so reflexes do come in handy, some enemies (the DLC ones in particular) are fairly relentless and parry/riposte requires good timing, but in general I´d say "being good" at paying attention takes one further than being good at "twitch".
As a side note, I´d say Dark Souls in general is kinda a game of paying attention since paying attention is really useful not only in combat, but also when it comes to exploration or story .


As for the "accessibility" point, personally I won´t mind if they´ll
a) make more detailed tutorial
b) make first few hours of the game a bit easier (I´d say Capra demon in particular is a rather misplaced/quite unfair encounter)
c) make crafting info a bit more telling (in particular, I´ve found not knowing what weapon type I need to upgrade to +10 in order to create a weapon from boss souls to be a needless info withholding - I would prefer the secrecy to lie elsewhere, like in an NPC able to craft such weapon being well hidden)

No to easy mode .
(and I think that due to multiplayer component such mode might be quite unlikely)
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