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December 24th, 2012, 12:26
1. Dark Souls
best action/RPG combat system ever, great level design, unique atmosphere, rewarding exploration

2. Mass Effect 3
best minute-to-minute combat in the series, superb resolutions to two of the series major story arcs, some nice character moments and, while certainly not flawless in execution, a unique experience of import save-driven customized narrative

3. Legend of Grimrock
a well executed homage to tile based first person dungeon crawlers, the amount of puzzles and secrets may be a bit too high given a somewhat limited variety but since this type of gameplay has been almost entirely missing in RPGs lately I totally didnt mind having an overabundance of it in this game

4. The Walking Dead
since puzzles are as easy as they can get, as is majority of the QTEs, the game pretty much boils down to "TV" miniseries using interactive element as an immersion tool, and since the story and characters are mostly well presented Ive found customizing the narrative and pc via dialogue and other choices to be a fun and sometimes quite intense experience overall, even though the quality is not consistent throughout and especially in the last two chapters there are some unconvincing story developments

5. Risen 2
after Risen PB seemed to be on a good way to return to the good old G1/G2 times, but since Risen 2 ended up as a two-steps-back-one-step-forward sequel its a title that disappointed me the most this year, however Ive enjoyed it nevertheless, largely due to fresh setting and some aspects of unique PB flavour still being present

Ive found the other 2012 games Ive played to be mediocre and as such I dont feel theyre worth being put on a top list. These would be Dishonored, Torchlight 2 and Kingdoms of Amalur, listed in order of preference.

Id also mention The Witcher 2: EE which comes with some nice additions over the vanilla edition (in particular, I really liked the quest added to the Iorveth branch), but since Ive played the bulk of it (aka the vanilla edition) in 2011 already Im not putting it on the top list for 2012. If I would it would probably be right under Dark Souls.
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