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December 24th, 2012, 13:28
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I think you're being a bit naive. If the human race doesn't drastically reduce its present rate of growth, we're in for some *major* problems on a global scale within just a few generations.
I like how it is always "within a few generations" it is going to be "real serious."

They said that a few generations ago. It's pretty serious right now, right this moment.

The U.S. is now fighting wars on four fronts antagonizing pretty much everybody on the planet and is trying to wedge open another can of trouble in Iran. This while their dollar tumbles to parity with birdcage liner and their export industry mostly consists of gangbang porn of underage teens.

I'd say it's pretty goddamn serious right now.

The trouble with trying to talk about space exploration at this stage is that it is all too little too late. A focus on renewed space exploration would have been a good idea thirty years ago, before the United States went broke and elected a President who has no legal social security number.

There is no money left. America is teetering on an abyss. It's like people on the Titanic promising when they get back home they are going to spend more time encouraging scouting groups. It doesn't really matter what anybody thinks would be a good idea at this point. There is no money left, the country is busted broke and shortly their creditors are coming to collect.
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