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December 24th, 2012, 14:54
"That's ridiculous. Playing a game is nothing to be proud of. We are all losers for wasting our precious time playing games. You need to admit this to yourself. I am a gameplaying loser. On the other hand, go ahead and feel like a king. I don't mind the game giving you that kick. What I mind is that you don't want me to be able to enjoy the game in my own lazy way."

Yeah I can kind of see where your coming from, but you need to refine this a little better. First of all, we are geeks, each and every one of us, not losers. I know many losers who are not geeks and many geeks, including myself, who are not losers.
A wise (and very fat) man once told me the definition of a geek, and its simply
Anyone who gets a thrill out of a game. Apparently the second youre invigorated or pumped up for something your doing in a game, or about a game or whatever, your a geek. And contrary to your statement good sir, that is something that we should all embrace.

BUT, know this. I play games for entertainment, its a hobby, certainly not a shameful one, but I also play them with the idea of my own game in mind. Through games, I found a passion for creation, one of the biggest things to occur in my life.
Now im a business-minded individual, and my dream is to bring my game to the media, to make a videogame for the Xbox (my fav. platform, I imagine we'd go multi-platform too though)
Now thats, as of now, my lifes biggest goal. Its also my longest term goal.
You better believe that, while gaming and geeking my ass off, im still the coolest guy I know. My buddies and I have always found that slick balance between having the geek heart, but being and doing exactly what we've always wanted.

I went to an Alternative school where everyone smoked, did all kinds of drugs all day, and wouldnt shut the hell up about their sleds and bikes, but do you think we were afraid to talk about our game at the same time? Our new name for that race or the newest adventure brewing up, the point is, we were (and still are) the geekiest fuckers in town, but we've always been the coolest bunch at the same time.
No shame in the game, and The geek shall not live weak
To arms!
"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."
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