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December 24th, 2012, 17:19
That is awesome.
Could you explain that process just a step deeper though? I have a buddy who's goal is to eradicate his need for sleep, but he doesnt use a single healthy practice.
So you would stay up and not eat for a while, then declare when your morning would be and eat a good meal, and then be able to sustain for the next day?
I did find after fasting for a while for ceremonies, that my appetite had decreased a lot, yet I got more fulfillment from food, and filled up faster. More energy as well, but I dont know why.

Another cool thing that was used, probably by more war-like tribes, native people and all was an herb called Guayusa. It contains more caffeine naturally than any other plant, and they would use it to stay up for days and nights when they were expecting enemy invasions. I believe it grows in South America all over, probably other places too. I used it and found the effects profound.
Its most commonly referred to as the Watchmans Plant, because its ability to solidify and lengthen dreams, and make them easier to recall. I thought it was pretty wicked, the dreams I was having while drinking guayusa tea, id recommend it to anyone.
But yeah, good count, if you would explain a little deeper that method, id love to hear more.
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