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December 24th, 2012, 17:31
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
Sorry, it's hard to believe a sizeable SSD will be a part of tablets or smartphones ever… But who knows.
Why would tablets/smartphones need a sizeable SSD? The flash memory is performing very well and these devices are not made for mass storage purposes and likely never will be with the growing popularity of non-local mass storage (a.k.a cloud storage).

In any case you're on the right track. nVidia's next gen SoC chip will render all today's consoles useless.
With all due respect for your noticeable enthusiasm on the subject but that is an extremely bold claim .

According to leak, those specs are just "pessimistic" projections so we should see even better performance. Apple's A5X will be a tough opponent…
The current 4th gen iPad already has an Apple A6X and it has not taken over the world yet . By the way the Gizmodo article you linked to was back from March and with Apple's strategy to release a new gen every six months we'll probably be at A7X in spring 2013.
Generally, we need to remember with mobile CPUs/GPUs that it's all about the best compromise between performance and power consumption. People want their mobile devices to run on battery for hours on end. No one (not even nVidia) can do Voodoo magic and pack supreme graphical performance on a SoC while still keeping battery life way up there.
When we are talking "top performance" on a mobile device then what we mean is that you can scroll down on a website without hiccups and watch YouTube vids without stuttering at 720p or maybe even 1080p on a sunny day. We are certainly not talking current gen console-grade gaming performance though. Not by a long shot.

The price of SSD was ment to drop 6 months ago, but it didn't happen.
Well, that's simply not true at all… let's take a look at some of the popular models and their Euro pricing in the past six months (source: Geizhals.at):

- Samsung 830 (256GB): June 2012 = ~€195 —> December 2012 = ~€150
- Crucial m4 (256GB): June 2012 = ~€185 —> December 2012 = ~€150
- Intel 520 (250GB): June 2012 = ~€305 —> December 2012 = ~€209
- Plextor m5 Pro (256GB): August 2012 = ~€240 —> December 2012 = ~€209
- Corsair Neutron (240GB): August 2012 = ~€240 —> December 2012 = ~€192


- SSD prices continue to plunge
- SSD prices plummeted nearly 50% in the past year (article from June 2012)
- SSD prices are low - and they'll get lower
- SSD prices tumbling fast - lowest in three years now
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