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December 24th, 2012, 17:46
Something that nobody should ever hear about:

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, American sitcom based out of Philly cited for its black comedy, season 3 episode 12 - The Gang gets Whacked. It involves the gang taking speakers when they fall from a truck, bringing them to the bar and realizing there is 25G worth of cocaine in them. Well it turns out they belong to mob who is going to whack them unless they give back the drugs or money, of course theyve already done something stupid with the drugs.
Either way, upon arriving at the country club, Charlie splits after hearing about the race horses. He goes and meets a small, strange jockey named Buster who offers him the newly available job of being a stable boy. Charlie accepts.
Buster takes Charlie to meet the guys, and they do that, and after he's done briefing Charlie one on one, he says
"And let Buster do a line off your boner."
When I heard that, I felt like Cartman in that one South Park episode where he sees the people with asses for faces, and its so funny that he never laughs again, ya know? Something so extra double ridiculous that…um…that I just overloaded.

And there is something that nobody needed to know

PS. Its probably the funniest show available to human eyes, honestly its so crazy funny that each episode is just a guaranteed cheese fest, I usually cant stop laughing. AND its the only show ive ever watched where I cant decide who the funniest character is. Its usually pretty easy to see who the funniest people are, or who you enjoy watching most, but damn I just dont know with Its Always Sunny
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