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December 24th, 2012, 18:48
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That is awesome.
Could you explain that process just a step deeper though? I have a buddy who's goal is to eradicate his need for sleep, but he doesnt use a single healthy practice.
So you would stay up and not eat for a while, then declare when your morning would be and eat a good meal, and then be able to sustain for the next day?
I did find after fasting for a while for ceremonies, that my appetite had decreased a lot, yet I got more fulfillment from food, and filled up faster. More energy as well, but I dont know why.
Consider someone relocating from England to South Korea. They'll be maladjusted to the time difference for a while but eventually their sleep cycle and internal clock will readjust - otherwise people who moved across several timezones at some point in their lives would be unable to function. If you shift your morning and maintain it consistently, you'll adjust to it similarly to how someone would eventually get over jet-lag. Having the lights on and eating when you wake up (or putting them on a timer to automatically turn on right before you want to wake) helps reinforce this by mimicking the natural stimuli animals internal clocks use to calibrate themselves.

The benefit of a fasting and staying awake until you would want your new normal time for sleep to start is that it helps ensure you'll be able to fall asleep and stay asleep until you plan to wake up. It may also help people who normally don't feel much like eating in the morning get used to having a substantive breakfast (something more than a granola bar.) If you want to shift your sleep cycle significantly from your current one then consistency with all these things will be very helpful because you're basically trying to provide more compelling stimuli than day and night for your body to adjust to.

I notice, when im lucky enough to wake up early, that my energy, my mind, and my body seem to tune in much better, and the rest of the day seems much longer and fulfilling.
That's probably because your later wake time coincides with when you would normally be re-entering a deep sleep stage and the earlier wake time tends to coincide with REM or a lighter phase of sleep. The cycling between these stages over one night's sleep may look something like this:


If your sleep stages looked like this, then when you wake up a little later then it is likely you don't feel as rested because you are interupting an early-mid part of one of the deep sleep stages (III and IV). Waking up during one of these stages has been demonstrated to cause temporary disorienation and sluggishness. This would only make sense though if you're already waking or nearly waking once or twice throughout your sleep. You may remember it if you're walking up to use the restroom or not remember it if its the result of sleep apnia. Without something like that already effecting your sleep cycle, it would be unlikely you'd have one of those deep stages that late in.
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