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December 24th, 2012, 18:53
I used to sleep in a lot, and I used to really feel like shit, all day long. I felt like I had to sleep in on the weekends to avenge my work cycle of getting up early every day. More and more now on my days off I find myself getting up at like 5 or 6 am, even if its just to read or something. The more I sleep, the more tired I stay it seems. Get up early, eat light, gets the day going well. You find yourself looking at the clock after what seems like a day is past and it's only noon, or 1 o'clock you got a lot done. It's a good feeling.

There's also something magical about the very early hours of the morning. Get up at 5 in the morning, make yourself a warm drink, then go for a long walk. Watch the world wake up around you as the darkness fades, the morning dew a blanket over the world, the crisp morning air making your breath slightly visible, the birds and animals doing their routines all around you. We have a small lake nearby, its wonderful first thing in the morning to experience it, a great way to start the day. It puts me in a completely different mindset. I dont think i'll ever sleep in til noon again!

Its actually got me losing weight as well, ive went from 210 to 185 (which at 6' is around ideal) since i started getting up early.
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