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December 24th, 2012, 19:16
Came across this little post on Eurogamer. The interview discusses the difficulties of remastering their old work.

It also tells of the atmosphere at BioWare during the development of the original, their work on squashing the numerous bugs. At the end it tells of the chances of working on Baldur's Gate III and why it probably won't be a continuation of the saga if it ever happens.

"We kind of call it Baldur's Gate Next," Oster tells me. "Baldur's Gate 3 would be a tough concept: the Throne of Bhaal expansion really ties up the Baldur's Gate storyline quite well and, barring a God of War 2 where you basically lose your godhood and get smacked down to nothingness and have to start over, it would be really hard to follow up.

"With Baldur's Gate Next the idea is a top-down, party-based, isometric RPG set in Dungeons & Dragons, keeping the core values of the Baldur's Gate franchise - and see where we go with it. It could be a Waterdeep, it could be another city in the Forgotten Realms."

He doesn't want Overhaul Games to balloon in size because he really really hates the prospect of having to fire people, so think of Project Eternity rather than Skyrim when you read the words Baldur's Gate 3.

Interestingly, Wizards of the Coast isn't keen on the idea of Kickstarter to fund a Baldur's Gate 3, if it ever happens.

"We've talked to the Wizards guys a bit about it and they weren't really that cool with Kickstarter," he reveals. "They didn't really care for it. I didn't really dig too deep into their reasoning for it."
Makes you Wonder what some company's and publishers hate kickstater. Hmm maybe because it ruins there business model. Who knows.

Still looks like we will be seeing more infinity engine games after they wrap up Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced. They mentioned the possibility before if any of you remember.

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