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December 25th, 2012, 01:31
Originally Posted by TheWharfMaster View Post
Yeah I can kind of see where your coming from, but you need to refine this a little better. First of all, we are geeks, each and every one of us, not losers. I know many losers who are not geeks and many geeks, including myself, who are not losers.
Sure. I only used the word "loser" in context of accomplishment in games. I don't consider "winning" in a game an accomplishment.

Originally Posted by TheWharfMaster View Post
Now im a business-minded individual, and my dream is to bring my game to the media, to make a videogame for the Xbox (my fav. platform, I imagine we'd go multi-platform too though)
Now thats, as of now, my lifes biggest goal. Its also my longest term goal.
You better believe that, while gaming and geeking my ass off, im still the coolest guy I know. My buddies and I have always found that slick balance between having the geek heart, but being and doing exactly what we've always wanted.
Fine. More power to you, as they say. I believe that I have some rather cool ideas for a game myself. But I'm older than almost everybody in the industruy and have no track record, so I don't think I'll ever make games for a living. (I was offered a job at Ion Storm when they needed people to finish Daikatana, but getting a Green Card simply was not possible. In hindsight it might have been for the best.) I don't consider myself cool, and I have never been able to do exactly what I want. Just to put things in perspective.

Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
Seriously, if you don't like Dark Souls, don't play it. Don't destroy this thing I love in the hopes of making it appeal to more players, when you're really just making it into another thing entirely.
But I do like Dark Souls. Or rather, I do like some aspects of the game.

Again: adding an easy mode would not "destroy" or even alter the game for you or anybody else who wants a challenge. If you are to weak to resist a lower difficulty, that's your problem.

I spent roughly the same ammount of time playing Dark Souls and Kingdoms of Amalur. I quit playing the former in frustration, though I loved the lore and atmosphere of the game. I quit playing the latter out of bordeom, because the lore and atmostphere was bland and uninspired. I don't know how many times I died in Dark Souls. In Kingdoms of Amalur I died exactly once, due to actually falling asleep in front of the monitor. In both cases, the game became too repetitive.
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