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December 25th, 2012, 01:36
Originally Posted by TheWharfMaster View Post
Wow thats really interesting, thanks jswisner.
In that diagram, what does Wach represent? Not Awake, but maybe an ideal time to wake up and go on with said rest?
Because I noticed your at Wach status after about 4 hours, then 7, and then 8.
But waking around 4 would be tricky because of the steepness in that area between deep, IV stage sleep and REM/Wach states. Probably wouldnt be enough sleep anyway.
That is a sleep state chart for someone who snores and wakes up very briefly a few times a night. Wach signifies those points - many people who have his happen will not remember waking up but if you snore badly there's a very good chance you do this too. It's not an ideal sleep patern, but just one example of an individual's pattern. The typical/ideal one would look more like this-


Though an individual's may differ. I general it feels more restful and you awake more alert if you wake up when your sleep state is naturally closer to "awake" on its own. It kind of make sense that if your alarm goes off and your brain is already very close to an awake state, it will not be as much of a chore to get it the rest of the way there. You certainly don't want to actually have it go into the awake state multiple times a night though - that's inefficient, makes it more likely you will wake up disoriented, and can be a sign of sleep apnea.

Using the more typical graph I showed you, a person following those timings would wake up feeling far better after 5 hours than 6 and possibly slightly better waking up after 6.5 hours of sleep than 7.
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