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December 25th, 2012, 04:17
I work in shifts 24/7/365(366) around the clock and I have no other choice than to be at least somewhat "fit" at certain times of the day .

I'm definitely not much of a morning person, however. I quite often have to be at work at 05:45. I don't really have any trouble getting out of bed, that's usually not the issue (the bigger trouble is falling asleep and falling into a deep sleep/slumber instead of a shallow, on the surface sleep).
On days I have to get up at 05:45, I usually get to go head home at 14:00 (on weekends and holidays at 18:00 which makes for pretty tough 12-hour shifts) and shortly after getting off of work at the latest, I always begin to feel somewhat drowsy and sleepy.

The late shift -from a metabolic point of view- is not much of a problem at all. It's 13:45 to 22:00 so there's no problem getting out of bed and not much of a problem going to sleep. I don't like that shift at all since I'm no early morning person and thus a late shift means that the vast majority of my awake hours is going to be consumed by work.

Night shift is my favorite type of shift. It usually runs from 21:45 to 06:00 or on weekends and holidays from 18:00 to 06:00 (12-hour shifts again). I have absolutely no problem staying up over night. I sometimes get a little tired (especially if I did sports during the day) but it's all within reason.

I was born at about 15:00 in the afternoon from what I know so there may or may not be a correlation to any of those preferences.
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