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December 25th, 2012, 04:34
It still baffles me that people care how other people enjoy games, and very inconsiderate of disabled gamers. How bad is it for that a easy mode is added to allow other people to enjoy the game? Some that could not have enjoyed it otherwise.

For me I almost always mod every game I play, it hurts no one else. I have not gotten around to playing Dark Souls, but if I did I am sure I would mod it too be much easier because I don't like hard games, but Dark Souls looks like it has other things going for it, great atmosphere, cool combat and the challenge might be fun as well just to a lesser extreme.

@Mr. Smiley, there are some great mods for KOA that make it harder. I personally play the game with a mod that greatly reduced exp gain and gold because I hated how fast you leveled, you could easily reach max level and have way too much gold well before you came close to the last areas of the game. And there are other mods that make the game much harder. There is a conveinet cheat engine package that has presents,etc Its awesome. I assume cheat engine would be the same way I would have to mod Dark Souls to make it easier, just have not gotten around to it.
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