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December 25th, 2012, 06:58
Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
It still baffles me that people care how other people enjoy games, and very inconsiderate of disabled gamers. How bad is it for that a easy mode is added to allow other people to enjoy the game? Some that could not have enjoyed it otherwise.
Yeah you're right. Some people might find Dark Souls to be too difficult, so let's just add an easy mode. What's that? Some people might enjoy a multiplayer mode in Skyrim? Might as well just add it in. Too much role-playing in an RPG? Might as well offer a non-RPG mode, right? Man, this strategy game depends a little too much on thinking ahead. Can't the developers just spend half their development resources creating a non-strategy mode? After all, it's not really fair to people who dislike strategy games.

Why have games designed for specific purposes and tastes at all? We should just make every product for every gamer! God forbid designers have a -narrow- -focused- design for a group of gamers that absolutely adore their work. No no, we can't have that. That's MEAN to everyone else!

Edit: Obviously, I exaggerated above, but my central argument is this: Dark Souls and Demon Souls were games created to be challenging. This is the -central- element to these games. If you don't like difficulty, skip them. Seriously. I know you like the 'atmosphere,' but that's basically just a garnish for the difficulty itself. You're asking the designers to offer a steak dinner without the steak. If you dislike streak, why not just order something else? It makes no sense.
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