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December 25th, 2012, 07:22
Originally Posted by Tuco View Post
Which ones exactly? There isn't a single boss that *requires* particular dexterity.
…there isn't a single boss that a heavy armor, brute force and enough level ups couldn't make a lot easier.
There's a certain amount of dexterity required to play any real game but it's true there's no "super human" reaction speed required.

The issue will more often be reacting too early than too late. Especially trying to parry those early hollow soldiers with their massive 4 second wind up times.

The other and main issue will be the fear! People's brains shut down when they're afraid and they just stand there like a rabbit in headlights. They die, don't remember what happened and obviously conclude it was impossible because no ideas went through their heads in the state of fear.

You should see how smart my parrot is but when he gets a fright he'll just fly into a mirror. Whatever he was afraid of wasn't anywhere near as dangerous as the fear. Did the mirror kill him or did the fear? Same with dark souls.

Once you get the hang of the controller and pluck up some courage you should be right. No courage then what kind of knight are you anyway?

Oh, and I reckon a 50 int sorcerer with crystal soul spear is my most "omg this game is too easy" roll. I've killed some bosses before they could even get to me. (i've only got 1 spare char slot for mess about runs left. More char slots for dark souls 2 please!)
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