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December 25th, 2012, 10:57
Originally Posted by killias2 View Post
Too much role-playing in an RPG? Might as well offer a non-RPG mode, right?
No risk for this one to happen. Apart from inventing what negative RP playing is, it is hard to withdraw from zero.

Why have games designed for specific purposes and tastes at all? We should just make every product for every gamer! God forbid designers have a -narrow- -focused- design for a group of gamers that absolutely adore their work. No no, we can't have that. That's MEAN to everyone else!
That could be. But after release, games are re designed to fit certain groups' vocal demands. There is very little artistic integrity in the video game industry.

Since, for example, a tutorial was introduced in TW2, a game that was supposed to appeal to old school gamers who are supposed to make out the most of a gameplay by simply figuring it out, it turns into answering to demands from specific groups.

The question is therefore no longer why access to demands by people after release but why not access to demands from certain people after release.
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