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December 25th, 2012, 17:20
I planned to buy GW2 ages ago and for whatever reason they suspended the sale. When it got available again for several different reasons (don't ask) I've chosen not to buy it. This fresh price is really nice, but I simply won't have enough time to play it for next few months so I'm skipping it again.

Honestly when it comes to MMOs I can't think of any reason I should buy (or try) any new title. Not just because of my lack of time… In almost all cases it's the same stuff I've already seen and there is no fun in that. In cases of F2P, 99% of such games are simply a fraud and eventually show as more expensive than those that are not F2P.

Anyway, on EA store SW:TOR digital deluxe is now 15€ (was 80€ originally). Two months digital prepaid code is 27€. But I ask you - does anyone really care for that? I would give a triple of that total for Kotor3 if it existed. For MMO Star Wars I'm not prepared to give even a cent.

Maybe instead of wasting my time and money into new MMOs I'll do what thrasher did, reinstall ME3 and try their MP, haven't bothered with it when I played it for the first time and he's obviously having fun.
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