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December 26th, 2012, 02:01
I love all the comments on how the game isn't hard, where isn't hard amounts to it just requires you to take it super-seriously with unfaltering attention that doesn't miss any of your opponent's weaknesses and doesn't make any mistakes. A hyper-vigilant, patient, dedicated Sherlock Holmes may be able to beat the game without dying, but that doesn't fault everyone else for not wanting or being able to play the game that way.

Be serious now, the game was hard and it was hardcore. I finished it and I despised that I got addicted enough to finish it. Everything was wonderful except the difficulty. I hated being punished by the game wasting 5 minutes of my time making me walk back each time I died. I would love for them to figure out a different way to make it hard besides wasting enormous amounts of the player's time.
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