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December 26th, 2012, 03:15
Originally Posted by Burress View Post
I love all the comments on how the game isn't hard, where isn't hard amounts to it just requires you to take it super-seriously with unfaltering attention that doesn't miss any of your opponent's weaknesses and doesn't make any mistakes. A hyper-vigilant, patient, dedicated Sherlock Holmes may be able to beat the game without dying, but that doesn't fault everyone else for not wanting or being able to play the game that way.
Except your hyperbolic strawman bullshit will not lead you anywhere in this argument.
The game isn't particularly hard not because "a hyper-vigilant Sherlock Holmes may be able to play without dying", but because a bit of awareness about what you are doing makes it actually even easy at places.
For instance, after familiarizing a bit with that area, now I could hardly imagine myself dying at any point during Undead Burg.

And that's not because I'm some sort of pro gamer (believe me, I'm not) but at least I'm not impaired or retarded, which makes me understand that -for instance- staying on guard with the shield up makes me incredibly well protected against most enemies, until I find a opening to attack.
Here's the thing: being vigilant would give you enough edge to prevent a brutal death, but even if you weren't paying enough attention, you would learn from that.

Beside, I'm not sure why you are trying to imply that to be fair the game should allow you to play the whole game without dying. A game where -even unaware of the challenges ahead- you are hardly at risk to die it's not what I would call "fair", it's what I would call "retard-proof". Like Fable.

On the other hand whoever claims "Well, I don't think dying 100 times is fun!" should ask himself "Why the hell I'm doing the same mistake 100 times in a row? Am I that stupid?".
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