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December 26th, 2012, 06:52
Well, we've finally come to the end - we have literally watched every single episode of Star Trek: Next Gen. Overall it was a good show. There were some not-so-good episodes, and many a time I probably would have scrapped Data due to him refusing to beam up Picard or endangering the crew in some fashion, or was rolling my eyes due to some clueless "progressive" lesson-learning episodes youre supposed to watch w/ the family. But overall it was good. The characters were likeable and able to stir emotions, make you care about them. They were well-defined, diverse bunch as well, not just carbon copies w/ different faces. Picard is also a badass, a true commander worthy of the helm of the enterprise.

Reminding me just how good it is, we have been watching the lackluster Star Trek: Voyager. I'm sorry, I've given it a chance, and Voyager just flat-out sucks. Janeway's voice is annoying, and her tough-girl act just isnt convincing. The black vulcan token "emotionless and logical" character is about as endearing as a wet blanket. "Harry Kim" and the rest of this curiously named, deadbeat bunch just arent any fun. The half-Klingon/half-puerto rican, Torrez I guess isnt half-bad, but Neelix is just retarded as the "wacky" character. The best character is the freakin' Doctor, a hologram. Who has intelligence, emotions, and can interact w/ solid objects.. yeah.

I cant believe Voyager lasted as long as it did, thre's seasons available to watch. So far what Ive seen (about 10 episodes) it's awful. Granted, that's not a whole lot to judge an entire series on, but I was hooked on TNG within a few episodes.
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