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December 26th, 2012, 09:40
The question of commonality is irrelevant. You could state the same thing about commonality in RPG at the same date.

That feature was introduced in a wargame. So the question hangs: how does the influence of RPG express in XCOM?

Besides, it is hoped that the author of the article did not refer to D&D to make his point because if it is the case, anytime he writes about a RPG, he has to credit how wargames have made RPGs so much better since some game mechanics that could serve in a RPG were developped first in wargaming.

Most important point is still that RPG goes through role playing and this was included from the very beginning.

It introduced from the start remarkable differences between what wargames and role playing games.

Same stuff as usual: So called RPGers want to put a monopoly on certain game features. As if they could not be required by some other games.

But increase of experience is natural to wargaming. Rookie units grow into veteran units. It is associated to campaigning.

Role playing makes it very hard to associate with more than one character. One consequence, compared to a wargame, is that the commander in chief's position, which is so natural to wargames, is no longer viable in a RPG. You've got to concentrate on one unit instead of taking command over (and exerting control of) a whole party/band/squad/army.

As role playing is about taking up a role, a RPGer must also accept to constraint his/her range of action to what the role is about, as defined by the universe.

All these has nothing to do with any element (or game mechanics) used to build the game.

A wargame with a system of progression is not a RPG because it has a so called RPG element in it.

And a RPG is not a wargame because it has no progression system in it.

Finally, as so many games that include a base building feature are now called RPGs, it is expected that base building will now be sold as a RPG element.

When base building is so natural to wargaming…
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