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December 26th, 2012, 14:05
Well, we agree on one thing, joxer. DS9 is #1 by far.

Poor Enterprise, though. I genuinely liked the three episode arc with the Romulan drone ship in season 4. I kinda dug most of season 4, actually. 3 was interesting too but not very Star Trek. I didn't quite buy the entire extreme measures schtick. Archer was not Jack Bauer and them forcing him into the role was almost funny. I also kinda think a fifth season would have been fun if the oft discussed plans were going to go into effect- particularly the one about Shran joining the crew. Jeffrey Combs is the best.

I guess the new movie was decent action sci-fi, but I expect more from Star Trek. Not sure why, honestly, as the films have always been kinda crap compared to the various series but the new one was just too far for me. They could have done a cut and paste with a few names and called it something else, which generally is the sign of a bad Star Trek. I just don't think the folks making it are fans. Which sucks, as talented fans of Trek have been chomping at the bit for an opportunity for years. Bryan Singer, Bryan Fuller and Jonathan Frakes all pitched shows to Paramount that were rejected because of Paramounts fear that launching a Trek TV series would be overkill with their current movie run. IMO, any of them would be better. Actually, all three together would be ideal. At least then it'd have a chance of feeling like Star Trek.

Unrelatedly, I'm really hoping SyFy's Defiance turns out decent. I have no real expectations that it will be, but I hope. Rockne O'Bannon made Farscape, one of the best sci-fi series ever, but I really fear the MMO-tie-in cheese around Defiance.
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