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December 26th, 2012, 18:34
Ive been revisiting Fallout 3. I think anyones whos played Elder Scrolls AND New Vegas can say that Fallout 3 is top notch.
Initially (years ago) I said that Bethesdas game engine wasnt fit for a shooter, and definitely a melee focused game, just because of the stiff animations and the AI, but honestly, Fallout 3 is still one of the best games to date.
I have my HUD amber colored and nearly transparent, no cursor (a bit harder, especially without iron sights, but sooo much more satisfying dropping bodies with no cursor ) and then im playing on Very Easy, just for more realistic damage.

I always hated: Elder scrolls, im slashing the hell out of you but your just losing health, no mortal wounds or anything (as if thats not a huge part of swordfighting) and how many vicious cuts from a sword it takes to down someone, same with Fallout, how many bullets to your face until that health bar is empty, ya know? I can almost understand because of the Post-apocalyptic deal, like well degraded weapons so less bullet damage, but I still say phooey, on Very Easy people are dying properly.
The offset for me is, I dont wear anything more than just some cool clothes, not much armor, and then I really try to play the gunfights realistically, like taking cover to inject a stimpak, always imagining myself actually sticking 1 or 2 of those f*ckers in my arm
And taking appropriate cover and pretending to be wounded and torn apart after fights (love the crippled feature)
My own little hardcore mode
"Every man dies. Not every man truly lives."
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