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December 26th, 2012, 19:23
How the hell you managed to fall LOL
And I agree the mission is like a different game till the jeep shooting part, but in my case it was fun.
Too bad that the weapon you used in the vehicle in this mission won't boost your XP much on enemy bases as bases' XP skyrockets only if you're undetected. Also it's plain useless for "kill" missions where you have to use the knife. Which doesn't mean it ain't fun enough to use it everywhere else! Must try it on crocs and sharks later.

One thing, I haven't failed so far anywhere at a moment that would force me to watch a cutscene again. If that happens, and if the cutscene can't be fastforwarded like minigames' cutscenes (middle mousebutton), the Ubisoft forum will burn.

Currently I'm clearing the next area (already took down both bases, finished med, kill and "exclamation" mission, but still didn't get all relics and hunter mission for special type of lizzard is waiting) and can't wait to see what will happen in the main story (temple) mission.
If someone told me before that I'll have so much fun with some FPS game I wouldn't believe it. And if this is what will next generation of FPS look, I want more of those!
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