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December 26th, 2012, 20:52
I really don't understand how quest objectives blocked half of your screen, I don't have that problem anywhere.
What video quality options you use? On my machine those are default, the game looks great so I didn't want to put everything on very high. It goes from top to bottom: high, medium, 4xvery high, 3xhigh. Resolution is 1680*1050.

I remember that tutorial mission - first I killed 3 boars on the spot (2 were needed only but hell why not get all skins when you can, right?) and after that I've collected needed plants. If you check the minimap (which again ain't huge on my PC) the mission area is marked by light color so if you step out of that area, you can easily move back.

I didn't (try to) skip any cutscene anywhere as I like to see everything before proceeding, but also honestly I didn't fail any mission on the initial checkpoint so no cutscene replay on my side. Yet.

In the meantime, I've taken care of the area I'm currently in and cleared all significant points. The temple FMV was great and the reward was even greater (hell why didn't they say you need to do main story to unlock those skills? I've been doing kill missions thinking that's that). Also the lost expedition mission was awsome, dungeon crawling Doom with top notch graphics. Don't want to spoil it more, but at a certain point I had to (finally) fly to get something.

Now I can either explore the island more or quicktravel to Badtown. Where I saw on the map some new icon (monkey see, monkey boom, something like that, god can't wait to check that out). What do you suggest, clearing areas (sidemissions and bases) or forcing the main story by quicktravel?
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