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December 26th, 2012, 22:39
FO3 was not underrated - it simply didn't contain enough drugs, alcohol, sex and thousands of quests like FO1 and FO2. Hell there wasn't a single memorable NPC like in previous games. For example I hated the Vault City chief bitch in FO2, I mean I hated her behavior and praise designers who made her that antipathic. Not to mention that she accepts only geniuses, while (if you rob her) you learn that she's heavily using mentats and without those, she's probably just plain stupid. Etc. etc, on every location there was some story to get hooked on and usually it got wider more you dig. In FO3… Comparing to predecessors of course, stories were crap.

Apart from that, FO3 is still a fun game. Definetly not boring as Oblivion was, so calling it Oblivion with guns was a pure insult.
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