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December 26th, 2012, 22:42
Originally Posted by joxer View Post
I can agree on objectives list, you don't need a map for that as all are conected to roads. Also all medic and kill missions are connected to roads, so again no need for map there.
However, without the minimap, you'll easily exit an area on hunter quests and fail them without realizing where the "beast" is.
Also, without (bought) items map I can't possibly see how will you find all relics. Those relics are not just an annoyance, I've just unlocked some special syringe that provides a few seconds of invulnerability, that seems OP so I won't be using it unless there is a sidemission or something where it's needed.
And the map on relics in most cases is just a hint - you still need on certain areas to find a passage that leads to the relic. Or make a passage (with knife or a grenade). Or fall down, or go up.
Hell what about the lost expedition missions? Okay, this one I've finished is connected with a road so you won't miss it, but what if there is one that ain't near a road? Would be a shame to miss the fun!
That's sort of the point, in my view it's more fun to explore the entire world and look for stuff. I don't want any markers telling me where things are, for me that ruins the fun of finding them. I can still check my map to get my general bearings on where I am on the island, but it's kind of boring to follow a blinking marker around.

Besides, the relics make a sound when you get close to them. For example, in the distance I saw something that looked like some sort of ruins. I approached and explored the building a bit, then heard the sound of a relic somewhere nearby, and I noticed a wall that looked possibly destructible. Managed to break the wall, and eventually found a relic in the area.

But I never looked at any special icons on the map, just found a building that looked interesting and explored it. Perhaps I will never find all of the relics in the game during this playthrough, but I think it will be more fun than using the HUD. As for buying parts of the map, I don't understand the purpose of this, as you can unlock the entire map by conquering all the radio towers.

It was similar with Dishonored. If you use the heart gadget and objective markers to find all the runes and bone charms during the first playthrough, you miss out on part of the fun of exploring and finding things on your own.
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