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December 26th, 2012, 23:16
Originally Posted by ChienAboyeur View Post
How hard or easy is it to take a turn in car with a broken steering system?
What do you even mean by that? An easy mode would not break the game.

Originally Posted by Tuco View Post
…but to ask that every game should be toned down in difficulty to be suited for their needs would be like asking to simplify the rules of a football game (or any sport, for all that matters) just because some people are not too good to run.
The parallell is unvalid for a single player game, because it's not a competitive sport. Dark Souls has an online pvp element, and I agree that for pvp there should be one difficulty only. To disable pvp in easy mode would not be difficult, though.

Originally Posted by Tuco View Post
Go and find something suited for you, don't ask me to compromise what I enjoy a lot just so you could like it too.
I bought Dark Souls. My money is as good as yours. I'm a customer too. And what I want is an offline single player game with difficulty settings, which the developers could easily provide without compromising your game at all. I can't understand why you would begrudge me that, when it would make no difference to your game.
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