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December 27th, 2012, 00:07
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Funny, I just watched he last Star Trek movie again the other night, and I was thinking it's not that bad. I think part of why many don't like it is because of how young the cast is. Although I don't expect most people to admit that. The acting wasn't very good, but it never was for the other films and most of the series' either.
My distaste has nothing to do with the age of the cast. Primarily, I think the movie shits all over Star Trek and what I think it should be about - and what Roddenberry wanted it to be. It completely ruins the characters - especially Spock, which happens to be my favorite character in all of Star Trek. Also, they've reduced Kirk to an arrogant idiot with zero redeeming features, and the less said about their version of Scotty the better.

The fact that the movie has a crappy villain and a beyond stupid plot doesn't help.

Then again, I actually care about Star Trek - because it's one of the very, very few shows that has broken new ground time and time again. It's not just entertainment, and I think I've learned and grown more as a person from the ideas of the show (TOS/TNG in particular) than any other piece of entertainment out there.

Personally, I always thought Deep Space 9 was the worst series. I honestly can't recall a single episode that I really liked. The whole thing just felt like some lame side-story to me.
Deep Space 9 is sorta like Babylon 5 - in that it's a big story arc taking place on a space station, but it's quite inferior to Babylon in that way. I'd say it's very good overall, but it can't touch TNG. It's infinitely superior to Voyager and Enterprise, though.




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