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December 27th, 2012, 01:16
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
Deep Space 9 is sorta like Babylon 5 - in that it's a big story arc taking place on a space station, but it's quite inferior to Babylon in that way. I'd say it's very good overall, but it can't touch TNG. It's infinitely superior to Voyager and Enterprise, though.
The only problem I had with DS9 was that the first season was so bad in comparison to the rest. All the series had issues with the actors and writers settling on and expanding who the characters would actually be and usually their first seasons were the weakest, but the difference in quality from the first season of DS9 to the ones that followed is pretty stark. It goes from being one of the weakest series I've seen to one of the absolute strongest in the final two seasons. It also has my pick for one of the single best hours of sci-fi tv I've ever seen - "In the Pale Moonlight."

And yeah I don't think it does some of the grand plot arcs as well as seasons 3 and 4 of babylon 5 did, but the acting quality is more even so individual episode quality later on in the series does not vary quite as much as it does for B5. They are quite similar shows in some ways - the first season of DS9 seems particularly weak as it felt like a worse version of babylon 5 at the time. The similarities subside as both seasons develop in later seasons though, but at the beginning it was enough that JMS (b5 creator) thought that paramount execs ripped off his promotional material he showed them a few years earlier.


What's really ineresting is to look at the actor crossover and see how small the stable of decent actors doing scifi is. It's the longer part of the article.

Originally Posted by Nameless one View Post
Can anyone recommend me some really good Sci-Fi TV show?Last Good one I watched was Battlestar:Galactica and I haven't found good one since.
Well both Babylon 5 and Deep Space 9 are good choices (if you can accept that they get much better after the first seasons.) If you've already seen them though, there's also Farscape. While it is less coherent it's incredibly entertaining and has excellent characters. If you've read any of the John Carter novels, you'll also probably appreciate how much of it acts as an homage.

Not exactly science fiction in the sense of a technologically advanced setting, but still certainly speculative fiction - Jeremiah. Nice post apocalyptic setting and should pull some fallout nostalgia strings.
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