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December 27th, 2012, 02:37
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
It will be interesting to see what the Dark Souls people think is best for their franchise.

Either they are going to try to be more accessible to reach a broader audience like Skyrim, get more sales, more notoriety, more open sharing of ideas, etc. Or they are going to stay with their niche audience and just try to please those core gamers
No, it's not "interesting", it's worrying.
Beside, the whole premise is stupid. The game isn't a niche product because it's too hard; if anything, being rumored as very challenging dragged it out of the niche their developers lived in for years.
From Software is developing games since the early '90s and Dark Souls it's the first game that made them famous worldwide.
But I can imagine these corporate managers babbling of this kind of bullshit in their offices already:
"Hey, our game was successful exactly because of how unique it was.
But I'm going to tell you: what it needs now? To be exactly like any other fucking game around".

It worked so well with other franchises, after all.

I for one, hope they become more accessible. An easy mode, a very easy mode, more tutorials, etc. Give the casual gamers a fun experience with your game as well.
I genuinely can't understand this kind of mindset. Is this some sort of stealth trolling?
If you like simple, piss easy, idiot-proof games, there is so much on the shelves already. Most of what's on the market today, actually.
Why exactly would you enjoy to *ruin* even this franchise for everyone who loves it?
And YES, I'm saying "ruin" because that's what a easy and straight -forward Dark Souls 2 would be for me: a ruined franchise. A game that would lose all the appeal of the previous one.

There aren't too many games these days that don't insult our intelligence, so one would think their existence should be celebrated (and to some degree it is) but apparently someone feel treated by them.
"Oh my god,to play this I would actually need to learn something, instead of mashing the green A(wesome) button until my thumb hurts. That's a scary thought".

I look at Skyrim. There are what, 4 or 5 difficulty modes?
Aaaand funnily enough, not a single one is good.

And Master is challenging, for those who want it
No, it's not. Neither challenging or fun or even rewarding, for all that matters.
Plus, the game lacks any sort of balance, with pretty much every single kill easily becoming "game-breaker" if adequately exploited (and I actually mean every single one, from combat to crafting).
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