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December 27th, 2012, 04:15
Originally Posted by Tuco View Post
Because that stupid "easy mode" would have a huge influence over the game's design, no matter how blindly people like you will keep claiming otherwise.

It's like with the fast travel argument in RPGs like Oblivion/Skyrim: "You can just ignore it!!!1!".
No I can't, because when the game is designed around the idea that the player will be able to warp distances at any time, that affects the design of everything: quests, landscape, content distribution and so on.
Fast travel is an in game mechanic people are expected to use. And Morrowind also had tons of traveling all over the place (I think it was worse than Oblivion) during quest and people did not like which is one of the reasons fast travel was added to Oblivion(though I used fast travel in MW via the console). Beth made an error and ignored the fact that some people like in game travel fast travel methods, while I don't use in game fast travel or normal fast travel until I have play for a long time(at least 100 hours, in Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV,etc I do like in game fast travel because it makes the game world more believable. Skyrim did much better as it had in game fast travel, faster travel(horse) and fast travel. But that is besides the point(and besides the modding).

If Dark Soul had a difficulty setting changer via console I would have no problem. Its a simply stat adjustment I am looking for, deal x% more dmg or take x% less, no adjustments of anything else. No altering of game, it would not make sense to alter the game. Unlike Morrowind where there were a lot of complaints from the community about the lack of fast travel and other things(and the change did not affect the basic TES game play, after all, every TES but MW has fast travel), here it seems that only a small portion of people compare to the masses are interested in difficulty settings. And that part of the key appeal in Dark Souls is the challenge unlike fast travel in which only made the open world design even more accessible to those who like open world games.

Also it had no fundamental effect on the game(as I said Morrowind had you going all over the place and it was even more annoying to many, not to me as I just used the console, but still). And a simply easy mode with stat adjustments would have not mean any design difference. How would added a easy mode patch to a game already made affect the design of the game anyway? Not that I think this simple method of adding a easy mod, adding it almost as an afterthought would make a difference to a new Dark game anyway.

I did a quick check and it does appear that cheat engine already has a bunch of things it can mess with in Dark Soul's, how I love pc gaming. Though every game should have better mod support, I mean TES games are amazing as you can craft them into whatever you want, but at least something is better than nothing. And with mod support the players can just add in whatever they feel like.
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