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December 27th, 2012, 03:17
Originally Posted by Fluent View Post
I'm sure I understand more about game design then you.

Your idea of game design is isolation. Keep all the cookies for yourself. I know your type.
no, it's not.
My idea of game design is "Be true to your vision, don't try to please everyone, make the game you want to make and it will find its audience naturally".
And that's because if you "fail" to reach success doing what you were trying to do, you will at least have a genuine product, while if you fail to cater to a broader audience, you will be both a failure and a whore in terms of artistic integrity.

My idea is inclusive. I like many to share the experience and have fun. All types of people - young, old, disabled, etc.
Well, your idea is silly. The whole idea that everything should be for everyone is intrinsically silly.
No wait, it's not just silly, because something silly is usually something pointless but harmless. Your idea is genuinely TOXIC. It actively hurts this industry, flooding the market with tasteless, colorless stuff. RPGs made to cater those who can't stand RPGs, action games made for those who aren't good to play action games, strategic games without too much strategic depth because it could be intimidating and so on.

I'm not saying that there shouldn't be easy or simpler games but I'm very, very hostile to the idea that everything should be for everyone.
Is that game too hard for you? Don't fucking buy it. Don't pretend it's your right to play the easier version of it.
Or if you really don't like to actually learn and master games and you enjoy just pushing on big colored buttons, then active a cheat, download a trainer.

I'm sure the first time you saw a young child playing your precious Dark Souls, you would be the first one to say how the company sold out, they're garbage now because *gasp*, even KIDS can play the game now!
I don't care what others play, actually.

You're like the fan of some obscure indie band that you don't want anyone else to find out about and listen to.
No, I'm not, not even remotely, and you are making shit up.
Actually, I would like to see every single person on this planet playing and enjoying the game, I would like to see the developers successful.
But I would like to see them successful for what they are.

The difference between you and me is that I understand that if that success must come at the price of compromising their products, then it would be a disgrace more than a bless.

You're selfish.
And you are full of crap. And I mean it. It's not just me trying to piss you off. i'm actually baffled by how full of crap you are.
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