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December 27th, 2012, 03:32
Originally Posted by Kefka View Post
Fast travel is an in game mechanic people are expected to use. And Morrowind also tons of traveling all over the place during quest and people did not like which is one of the reasons fast travel was added to Oblivion(though I used fast travel in MW via the console). Beth made an error and ignore the fact that some people like in game travel fast travel methods, while I don't use in game fast travel or normal fast travel untill I have play for a long time(at least 100 hours, in Oblivion, Fallout 3/NV,etc I do like in game fast travel because it makes the game world more believable. Skyrim did much better as it had in game fast travel, faster travel(horse) and fast travel. But that is besides the point(and besides the modding).
This is completely beyond the point, even ignoring how fast travel didn't see its birth with TES but existed long before.
Other games handled fast travels far better, anyway, nailing down that sweet spot between making movements convenient and not making the world building feeling pointless (i.e. Ultima, Gothic, Risen, etc).

the problem when fast travel is taken fro granted, like it was in those Bethesda games, is how it actively affects design.

Did you even try to play Skyrim without making any use of fast travel?
It's an awful, dreadful experience (even more than just playing the game as it is, I mean) because even for the most stupid, trivial quest like "deliver this wood spoon to my granny so she can eat her soup" you have to travel across half continent. Everyone has a task for you that implies miles and miles of travel to the most worthless shit.
Now, when you have a well designed open world game like Gothic 2 or Risen, on the other hand, world and quest designers make an active effort to keep everything at a good pacing, making you travel little distances for trivial tasks and bigger ones for "big deals".

If you make an attempt, you will easily realize that Skyrim, a mediocre game by itself, becomes literally *unbearable* if played without fast travel, at least for everyone who isn't into LARPing.

This is the subtle effect that a single feature, apparently completely unrelated to the core design, can have on the whole game, even when it's supposed to be "optional".
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