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December 27th, 2012, 05:55
I just got out of Blighttown.

When on my way there, I missed the Spider shield. I didn't have any anti-toxin herbs with me either. The damn poison Blowdart Snipers shot dart after dart into me until I became green from the plague. I tried to push on and get to the bonfire at the bottom, alas my healing items ran out and I died.

Having re-spawned in the Depths, I went and got my spider shield - the best protection against those pesky Snipers. Shield in hand I started tracking them down and murdering them as painfully as I could. They were all put on high, hard to reach places. The platforms on which they stood were narrow. The Blowdart Snipers are the incarnation of trolls. They fire rapidly and it is difficult to take a swing with a slow weapon without eating a poison dart to the face, and getting intoxicated. When you get close, they push and shove, trying to make you fall or simply interrupting your attack, as if to annoy you more. I finally dealt with the ones on the way down and reached the Great Hollow.

The Great Hollow is a hollow tree, through which branches form a path to its base. To reach the base, you need to walk the spiraling maze of narrow branches. In this spiderweb of branches, various glowing items can be found on adventurers who have tried to climb down. Those are usually stones that are used to upgrade your equipment. Needless to say, they are hard to reach - you need to jump from branch to branch to get to them. My death count rose dramatically as I tried to land on those great rewards. I also chased some crystal lizards for their goodies and in the pursuit, my weapon broke.

Oh my. I've been in this situation before - no repair box, no(upgraded) backup weapon, and not a blacksmith in sight. I decided to push on with the highest damage weapon I hard - a 2H Axe with short range. On my way down, I encountered a room with basilisks, the frogs that spit out a curse cloud. Stay in it for too long and you get a curse that halves your HP. I killed them once, yet died a bit later while trying to reach a piece of treasure. The 2nd time I fought them, I did little damage and missed a few attacks and ended up being cursed. Having taken what I could from the Great Hollow, I decided that I should at least ring the second bell of Awakening before going all the way up to the Cathedral to lift my curse.

Unupgraded sword in hand, my character limping with half of his(little to begin with) HP, I went to take on Queelag. Needless to say, I got poisoned from the swamp on my way to her domain. With some pyromancy clothing I could survive one hit from some of her attacks. With damage around a hundred and slow swing speed, the fights were dragging out quite a bit more than I was used to. I died about a dozen times due to poison taking away a good part of my HP and getting one-shotted, stepping into lava puddles(that huge room becomes a mine field when the fight drags on!) and lack of experience in dodging all of her attacks. I finally managed to kill her, ring the bell and go to the Cathedral, but it was one hell of a trip.

I will NEVER forget to buy a repair box again.

From the above story, what do we need to do to have *easy mode*. I can tell you for certain that enemy health and damage divided by 2 won't cut it. You need to:
*Add invisible walls so players don't fall so much. Make everything a corridor so players don't get lost.
*Ops, we can't jump to secret places with those walls anymore. Who need secrets anyway, away with them as well.
*Poison dart dudes? They will be annoying no matter how little damage they do. They put too much pressure on the player => removed.
*Weapon = worthless when it breaks? What if it does at a bad time and you can't repair it, like, right now? => Indestructible weapons.

How would this be the same game after these changes? How do you think it won't affect the core of the game for the rest of us who like the way it is designed?

If you don't understand what Souls games are about, why do you want to play them at all?
If you don't kill the Channeler before fighting the Gaping Dragon, he will buff him and shoot magic arrows at you until you cry.
If you don't kill the Firebomb Giant, he will keep throwing firebombs at you throughout the fight with the Iron Golem.
In Anor Londo, the Silver Knights will push you off the narrow path that leads to the castle with their big ass Dragonslayer Greatbows.
Ornstein will draw your attention while Smough turns you into a pancake with his car-sized hammer.
The boobs are also a fucking lie!

There are no ponies and there are DEFINITELY no rainbows here. Look elsewhere.
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