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December 27th, 2012, 06:41

Skyrim was an awesome game, I never played Gothic 2, but I did play Risen and like the vast majority of game critic thought it was much better than Risen(simply check metacritic for that, though to be fair the games did come out a few years apart), including all the people I have talk to on forum that played both, of course the Risen forum was comically small compared to Beth forums and of course going by one own experience in these matters I tend to think is faulty reasoning.

Your personal taste our your own. But I don't see how one can denie the overwhelm commercial and critical success of Skyrim. How else can a company look at game success? If I am Todd Howard here is how I think I would see my games: The critics love it, we have sold millions of copies, our games have life times far greater than any almost any other rpg's because of the mod kits, I.e the mod forums for Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Morrowind are still very active, that is how much people love our games. I don't see any other rational metric to use.

You don't like it that is fine, you have your own taste. I love them, I love the exploring,etc. I don't like Batman, CoD or so many other games that have gotten high critical praise and big sales. That is my taste, but I would not call those games bad. That seems silly to me in light of the reviews and game sales they have achieved.

When looking at such subjective things, I think the most objective way to separate your own personal taste and trying to judge something as good, bad or great or otherwise is to look at popularity and critical success. I personally like a number of games that never got great sales or great reviews, I think there great for me. But I would never list them as all time greats, or tell people that they are. Simply because it so subjective and I am just one person. On the other hand if a lot of other people like/loved the game, if it one dozen of awards from major game review outlets, etc then I would say that game is a top game and if you like that style of game you should give it a try.

I personally tend to find the critics to be very accurate, both for movie, tv shows and games. But I know its quite common for the advrage person to dismiss critic views as silly and just go see the big blockbuster. This is not science there is no right answer. Nor is there a right one to play, the people on the cheat engine forum seem quite please with the Dark Soul modding, with making it easier for them, why begrudge them that?

I think Bethesda makes amazing open world rpg's, that come far closer out of the box to being my perfect game than any other, and then with the mods I can further mold the game to be even closer to that ideal. You don't like the games, ok fair enough people have there taste. Again there is no right answer.
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